848 Brickell Avenue, Suite 950
Miami, Florida

Edificio C13 (Ofi. 305)
Medellín, COL

01. Exterior render

One of the biggest challenges for our studio has been to represent the design idea as close to reality as possible.

To get it we have developed a series of strategies in which through a previous study of the location of the project, the type of lighting for the time of day, the plant species and the spatial composition we highlight in our images the most important and persuasive details. This is an exterior rendering, identify, create, complement and communicate from a wide perspective.

02. Interior render

For us the details are more than details, the textures, the light, the shadow, the combination of colors and the composition of the space itself, make the whole design.

Our interior renderings are the proof of this, to appreciate the details and feel that lifestyle that we want to transmit through perception and comfort, is to tell a story from more specific and closer points.

03. Cinematics

Animations will always be one of the best tools when you want to present an architectural project from a habitable perspective, it allows us to feel and understand a little more the intentions with which the spaces were designed. As a plus, we always find vegetation movements, wind, reflections, context recreation in full cgi, materiality and transitions of the different cameras.

04. Tour 360

Many times the renderings do not allow to communicate the whole idea of the design, at that point is when we recommend the use of VR technology, this tour is a series of images taken in 360 degrees, these allow to simulate the project in its entirety, to the point of feeling inside it. With a complement between modeling, texturing and lighting we manage to recreate the spaces before being built.